We constantly strive to provide competitive measurement, control and simulation technology to our customer, to contribute to their research, experiment, quality assurance and product design.


Automation system programming has always been a very tedious and error prone work, involving the stability of the hardware driver, the logic of the code, efficiency…

In the past, due to copyright and other reasons, EXE execution program was deployed to customers on site, which led to several disadvantages:

l  Because the programming platform involves copyright and other issues, often the production line machine only deploys the application or the running environment rather than the development environment, so the on-site debugging engineers sometimes has to install and deploy the development environment repeatedly;

l  The workload of instruments and algorithm encapsulation test is heavy, many libraries are not compatible, and a lot of work is wasted to encapsulate various functions

l  Many customers want to know more about the control process and logic, so that they can implement ECN or new product import more easily.

In view of these problems, FineTooling Technology launched a new solution: FTStudio to solve these problems, release the wasted energy, and let everyone focus more on the control logic of project operation and the process itself.


FineTooling technology R & D engineers considered the very user-friendly feature for new user of FTStudio, the programming platform and parser is familiar to C style. Most new users can be able to use it in projects in several hours study.



Considering the access control required by the production line, FTStudio integrates permission management. General users can just use the function, only administrators can view and modify the source code.



All test items of FTStudio are stored locally, and SPC statistics and mean range analysis can be carried out by using analysis tools. In addition, considering the different MES database interfaces requirements, this part of the function supports flexible extension.


Specific learning materials can be obtained through the "download" page.

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