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From the most basic voltage and current signal acquisition, vibration and audio data analysis, to remote measurement through satellite communication, BDA, Edge Computing, and millimeter-wave radar signal processing, we have been moving forward, aiming to solve the most cutting-edge and challenging technical problems for customers.


FineTooling Technology team is dedicated on measurement and control technology research. The development of science and technology, just like the wheel of history will never stop. We are honored to work with customers to promote the development and innovation of their fields.

•To Factories, we provide advanced manufacturing systems to improve products quality and profit; 

•To Equipment enterprises, new projects will be accelerated with our convenient and reliable engineering instruments kits;  

•To research institutions and laboratories, we can create more accurate experimental and testing solutions together.

Corporate Vision:

Contribute to human development by measurement and control technology!

Corporate Mission:

Help our customers to ensure their products quality and cost competitiveness.

Our Commitment:

Usability, Reliability, Quality Service, Continuous Innovation

Enterprise Core Values :

• Scientific spirit: Explore the principle of things, from which to obtain wisdom

• Motivated: Unity of knowledge and action, avoid Talking-Only, good deeds and end, just can live up to youth

• Self-cultivation: We cannot increase the length of our lives indefinitely, however, through Self-cultivation, we can enrich our lives and make our contributions unlimited.

• Sense of responsibility: Whatever time, place and happening, regarding on personal, family, business, and social responsibility, we keep all our promise.

enterprise culture


Self-Discipline and Social Commitment


Combining theory with practice; Focus on employee development; Compliance with laws and ethics


Taking the overall situation, combine the experience of historical projects, project requirements and product trends, to provide competitive solutions for customers.

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