We constantly strive to provide competitive measurement, control and simulation technology to our customer, to contribute to their research, experiment, quality assurance and product design.

  • FT3550 Five and a Half Digit Multimeter

    FT3550 provides up to 1000 readings per second; Supports measuring DC current, DC voltage, and resistance with a measurement accuracy of 5 ½。 Support ...

  • FT5201 Voltage Output Acquisition Card Manual

    The FT5201 voltage output acquisition card AO module is a series product of Ethernet Fidas. Communicate with the motherboard through 100M Ethernet on ...

  • FT6501 CAN interface card

    The FT6501 CAN interface card is an Ethernet Fidas series product with three independent isolated CAN-FD channels, which comply with the CAN-FD ISO118...

  • FT6601 LIN Interface Card Manual

    The LIN interface card provides 4 or 6 completely independent isolated LIN channels to choose from, and complies with the LIN 2. x (LIN 2.0, LIN 2.1, ...

  • Drvier_FineToolingUSB_DaqsV2.2


  • Drivers For FineTooling USB Daqs

    Drivers to support to USB DAQs, USB DMM, USB DIO DriverVer=06/30/2021,

  • HardwareSuit_V3.6.2.9

    HardwareSuit is a free virtual instrument hardware debugging tool provided by FineTooling Technology Technical Support Team. Users can open the produc...

  • FT5402 64 channel asynchronous voltage acquisition card

    Fangtong Technology provides equipment such as FT5402 64 channel asynchronous voltage acquisition card, channel asynchronous voltage acquisition card,...

  • FT5408 8-channel synchronous voltage acquisition card

    The FT5408 multi-channel synchronous voltage acquisition card has a resolution of up to 24 bits and a measurement accuracy of better than 0.01%. Capab...

  • FT5450 2-channel synchronous current acquisition card

    The FT5450 2-channel synchronous current acquisition card adopts a high-precision integrated digital to analog converter, with a resolution of up to 2...


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