From the most basic voltage and current signal acquisition, vibration and audio data analysis, to remote measurement through satellite communication, BDA, Edge Computing, and millimeter-wave radar signal processing, we have been moving forward, aiming to solve the most cutting-edge and challenging technical problems for customers.

Trough Testing and Automation To Guarantee Product Quality and Cost Advantage

Providing better solutions for customers through Continuous innovation; An efficient quality management system will ensure the quality of service.

FineTooling puts a high value on new technologies and the construction of quality system since its inception. We specially invited intellectual property expert to conduct relevant knowledge training and obtained certification.  Focus on Quality is our culture. TUV is our important partner to certificate and ensure the validation of our ISO 9001 system.

  • Certificate of Technology Expert Station for Guangdong Province

  • Certificate of Honor for China's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest

  • Certificate of Expertise in New and Specialty Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • Guangdong famous high-tech product Certificate

  • Certificate of Innovation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • National High-tech Enterprise Recognition

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