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Fine Tooling won the honorary title of "Specialized, special and new" SME in Guangdong province
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     On January 6, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued a list of “Specialized, special and new” SMEs in 2022, and Finetooling Technology(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Fine Tooling Technology") was successfully selected into the list.

    "Specialized, special and new" small and medium sized enterprises refer to those with the advantages of specialization, refinement, characteristic and novelty. Although these are small in scale, they are able to segment the market and drive the industry forward.


    High-precision measurement and control instruments are required to collect weak signals from nature. Fine Tooling won the title of “Specialized, special and new” SME not only means Fine Tooling is qualified for leading the industry, but also illustrates the government thinks highly of Fine Tooling’s innovation ability and development potential. It also indicates Fine Tooling’s strategy is correct and effective.

    Finetooling Technology(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd., Ltd. was founded in 2016. The core members began to engage in the development of automated testing projects from 2006, and they are one of the earliest teams engaged in automated testing research and development. Fine Tooling owns software algorithms and operating system platforms (Hardware Suit, FTStudio platform, etc.). We provide customers with products and services such as DV experimenthigh-low temperature aging test  devices, FIDAS compact field data acquisition case and embedded edge computeretc.

    We have been focusing on the research and application of Measurement and Control Technology, providing customers with reliable modular Intelligent Instruments and equipment, and working together with customers to promote the engineering development and innovation in their field. Our vision is contributing to human development by measurement and control technology, and our mission is serving intelligent manufacturing with accurate measurement and control solutions.

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